Monday, November 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hooray! December is officially here! We now get to put up our special advent calendar and start counting down the days to Christmas!
This fantastic calendar was made for our family by my husband's grandma. She is so talented! All of the nativity pieces attach with velcro to each day on the calendar. The kiddies get to take turns placing angels, palm trees, sheep, wise men, etc. in the nativity scene until we reach day 25. Then we get to place baby Jesus in the manger and talk about the most wonderful reason that we celebrate Christmas. I know that this will be something we keep and treasure for many years to come! It's just one of my favorite things!

And speaking of favorite things, I determined that this year I would shop Etsy for some of the kiddies' Christmas presents and find some incredible handmade things. I particularly looked for handmade play food, as my offspring are budding little chefs that love to mix and stir and chop and bake. The plastic stuff you can get at toy stores has literally been gnawed to pieces by my eager young cooks! I needed something more substantial, and of course way more adorable:
I got this set of sturdy crocheted veggies and fruits made by a fellow stay-at-home momma that runs her shop While You Sleep I Crochet. I can't wait to see what clever little recipes my kiddies will come up with as they play with these cute fruits and veggies!
Of course, I had to balance out all those healthy veggies and fruits with some bona fide junk food! This sewn felt food set, which includes a frosted donut, a hamburger with all the fixings, a corn dog with mustard, a pizza, and bowtie pasta with sauce and meatballs, was created by the owner of Blue Star Jewelry. Hope you're not getting too hungry!
Isn't this felt cookie counting set just too cute for words? Each frosted felt cookie has an embroidered number and is nicely padded. The whole set comes inside a drawstring bag (you get to choose the fabric!) which is personalized. (a great touch!) Heart Felt Crafts made this set, and I just saw that they now offer a felt fish counting set as well. :)
I mentioned these lovely leg warmers in an earlier post (the Drama Queen's pirate costume). Unfortunately the day I posted it, Mama Runs With Scissors was on vacation. This ultra-talented seamstress makes these great Kool Kid Legs that can be worn as leg warmers or as "sleeves" under a short-sleeve shirt. She has tons of designs for both boys and girls. The Drama Queen especially loves her rainbow set, and I just love the clever Converse sneaker ones as well.
Finally, I couldn't help but browse a little the other day for a possible birthday present for myself. :) I stumbled upon The Factory and fell in love with this sweet pink birds' nest necklace with three little pearly eggs to represent my three little ones. The necklace arrived in a lovely handmade box (I just adore the vintage children paper!) just a few days after I ordered it. Happy Birthday to Me! (well, tomorrow, anyway! Ill take my time and enjoy my last day of being 29!)

So, I encourage you to buy handmade this Christmas! You will find beautiful quality gifts and sellers that will give you incredible customer service! Visit Etsy today.


  1. What awesome finds, Jeanette! I love that cookie bag!

  2. I'm so glad you love the necklace!! Those cookies are too cute, by the way!!

    Happy Birthday! :)


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