Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell November

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! We stayed busy for sure, and our activities included:

1. Eating! This comes rather naturally to me, of course. I inhaled my share and more of stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and other yummy homemade goodies on both of our Thanksgivings. (yep, both! We celebrated it at the in-laws, on Thursday and then again at the grandparents' on Saturday)
2. Working. The Christmas rush has begun, and many people are hurrying to get their custom orders in time for Christmas gifts from The Framed Frog. Add to that a great Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at The Framed Frog, and even more orders poured in. I'm just a little busy! (and by the way, you can still take advantage of the great deals today!)
3. Shopping. We decided to brave the hordes of crazy people and attend a Black Friday sale. We chose to go to Toys'R'Us at midnight and ended up standing behind 300 people or so for about thirty minutes before getting into the store. It was madness, but we got the coveted items (two scooters for the Drama Queen and the Beast, and a programmable Rocket from Little Einsteins for the Spud) and only waited in line to check-out for an hour. (haha, the dedication, the dedication!) We also counted it as our date night. :)
4. Decorating. Well, we started anyway. The Christmas tree is up and lopsidedly decorated with clumps of ornaments. The bottom is pretty much barren since the mighty Spud has a tendency to destroy anything remotely breakable. The nativity scene is also out and has been moved and rearranged several times by eager little hands. Bundles of garland, Christmas lights, and other decorations are still sitting in their boxes, waiting to be put up. And this year we decided to put a mini Christmas tree in the kids' room. Every night they ecstatically turn it on and ooh and aah at the beautiful sight. It makes a great nightlight!

And, obviously, I've cleaned up and redecorated my blog a little. I hope it helps you to find things a little faster. :)

And now I must get busy accomplishing the tasks of the day (and enjoying one of my last days of 29-hood).

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