Monday, November 02, 2009

Catching Up

My life is always busy but is especially so this time of year. I am sitting here typing this with a fever and migraine, so I'll just give you the main details of our past week to catch you up:
Friday night we had a fall festival at our church. The Spud turned out to be a pretty cute Nemo. I giggled every time I saw his fishy tail waggling behind him.
The Beast has always been a huge fan of sharks, and I was fortunate enough to find this costume at a garage sale during the summer. This shark really enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire at the festival. That, and eating a LOT of candy...

The Drama Queen was a "girly" pirate. I got the pirate tutu and leggings from a great etsy shop Mama Runs With Scissors, and the rest we compiled from things we had at home. She loved wearing her tutu and wanted to wear it again the next day. I found out that our local department store was running a costume contest for kids age ten and under, so she got all dressed up for the occasion. And she won! Our little pirate spent her $25 gift card prize on Play-dough kits, because then she could "share them with her brothers." Ah, I have trained her well...

In other news, putting my Etsy shop on vacation for a week and spending the entire week getting my home in order was exactly what I needed. A close friend and organizing aficionado came over EVERY day to help clean and organize every room in the house. She was a powerhouse! I took an entire van-load of boxes to Good Will and another van-load to the dump. Hopefully later this week I will have pictures, but I am just in awe at how clean and uncluttered each room is. I am sitting here in MY living room, with almost no toys in sight. It is glorious!

And now The Framed Frog is back from vacation and running a fabulous Christmas Blitz sale all this week. Thirty-four items are on sale - french memo boards, photo frames, paintings, trains, etc., all of which make great Christmas gifts! And I have a SPECIAL OFFER for my blog followers! Purchase any of the items in the sale section in my shop and tell me in the Notes to Seller box that you follow my blog, and I will give you half-price shipping! Just a little way to say thank you for following my blog. :) (and if this is your first time here, go ahead and follow my blog to get the discount!)

And finally this post is my 200th post! Who would have thunk it? Next week, I will have been blogging faithfully (more or less) for a whole year! I am looking forward to so many things - mainly this migraine and fever to go away. :) Happy Monday, all!


  1. SO sorry you're sick. A migraine is torturous enough without a fever. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Sounds like your kids had a great time. AWESOME that you're little pirate won the prize! I've been wanting to get the Princess a ballerina tutu that doesn't show her "behind", so I'm going to check that Etsy shop out.

  2. Me again:) When I put the name "mama runs with scissors" into the Etsy search I came up empty. Is that the exact wording? I don't know my way around Etsy very well, so it could be my mistake. Maybe you could link through this know, do all the work for me, lol. Honestly though, I'm sure I won't be the only one loving that tutu. Too cute.

  3. haha I did put a link - just click on the mama runs with scissors. It is

    (and she is in Portland, by the way, so you could probably work it out to not have to pay for shipping)


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