Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Everybody Needs Grace

Last night, a Bible conference meeting was being held at my church. My ladies' ensemble was supposed to sing a special for the service. I was still fighting a migraine headache, but decided to go and sing anyway. I knew I probably wouldn't be able to make it through the whole service, but I could at least sing a song!

We gathered before the service on stage to run through the song one last time. All of us were dressed in our Sunday best - in black and pink to match each other. Then we filed into the hallway to await our turn to sing. After the choir sang "Lord, I Believe in You", we walked out on stage to sing. All the bright lights made my head pound even more so, but we began to sing. The song was "Grace in My Hour of Need", and the words of the song intermixed with the words to the traditional "Amazing Grace". I focused on the beautiful and meaningful words of the song.

After we sang, I met my husband in the foyer to drive home so I could rest my aching head. On the way home, he mentioned that the song sounded great and that he couldn't think of a more appropriate song for our group to have sung that night. "What do you mean?" I questioned him. "Well, look at your group." he pointed out. "You are trying to work through a blinding headache right now. Another of the ladies recently went through a devastating miscarriage. Another has been through several miscarriages and has yet to be blessed with a baby of her own. One lady is doing her best to live for God, while her husband rarely attends church. Another struggles with lupus, an ailing mother, and a daughter who has been through more surgeries than any teenager should ever have to. I think it's safe to say that all of you have been given grace in your hour of need."

I thought about what he said, and realized that he was right. Perhaps someone walking into our church for the first time and seeing our group sing would think, "Look at that group of ladies all dressed nice and singing for the Lord. Do they really know what needing God's grace is all about?"

It just goes to show that everyone needs God's grace. Look around you. Who can you reach out to today? Maybe you can be the one that shows His wonderful grace to someone right now.

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  1. Oh Jeannette. This is so true and so amazing. God truely does bless us all with grace. Thanks to you and Chris I have been reminded of this. God bless you. Hope your headaches end soon. Love ya.


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