Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Months

 I love this face!  I love this girl!  Her enthusiasm, her sense of humor, her energy, and her affection just fill and complete our family.
She is growing at a ridiculous rate.  Babbling up a storm, her favorite words are mama, dada, Anna, m-nana (banana), and bye-bye.  Little Sprout is walking!!!!! now.  She is the earliest walker of all my kids.  It's exciting, because all the other kids cheer her on and get all-out giddy when she takes a shaky step.  Of course, amidst all the excitement, I would love to hang on to my baby just a bit longer.  Lucky for me, she is a fantastic snuggler and a great playmate.  Sometimes, after the other kids go to bed, I'll go into her room and wake her up for one more snuggle and playtime with just me.  Yeah, I'm sentimental that way. :)

Love you so much, you sweet sweet baby cheeks.  Happy ten months!

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