Saturday, May 05, 2012

May Brings...

I can't believe May is already in session. This collage is a glimpse of our May last year.  The Beast was just then starting to learn how to overcome some of his sensory issues.  The Drama Queen had just graduated from preschool.  The Spud was getting ready to be three.  (Yikes - what a year three has been!  And he still fits into that shirt!)
Part of my disbelief that it is already May stems from the fact that there is no spring-like weather to be found around here.  I'm sitting here typing this in my flannel pj's while sipping hot tea.  Well, that and I feel pretty sick, so maybe I'm not such an accurate barometer.
What does May bring for us this year?  Well, hopefully some flowers eventually, but I see an IEP meeting, a Mother's Day without Grandma Millie this year, some much-needed family time, some major decisions to be made, and the finish of our first year of homeschooling.
Happy Cinco de Mayo...

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