Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Iphone Photo Phun - Holiday Fun

Taming Insanity
It's time for yet another edition of Iphone Photo Phun. I didn't remember taking very many photos with my phone this week, but when i checked my album, I was shocked to see over fifty new photos had been added! A quick perusal showed that a certain little someone who was supposed to be playing Angry Birds on Mommy's phone may have been taking a few extra photos as well. I would share these masterpieces, but they are mostly shots of knees, hair, and really dark objects.
So it's back to the few I actually took this week.
Even though I am laid up and cannot take the kids anywhere by myself, I still wanted to make Halloween a fun-filled day for them. We had these pumpkin pancakes with sausage and scrambled eggs to make dinner a little more special.
Lunch was fun too - ghost toast, jack-o-lantern carrots, and hairy hot dogs dipped in ketchup blood made up the menu. The Spud promptly dipped his ghost toast in the ketchup and declared it his "bestest snack ever."
On Sunday morning, a helicopter was supposed to fly over the fields next to our church and drop candy for the kids. Fog and rain thwarted the helicopter flight however; so the Nerd and several other miserable-looking men took buckets of candy and spread the candy out on the field by hand before the kids rushed in to claim their sweet treats. The kids were soaked!
All the Spud cared about at the Fall Festival that evening at our church was eating his hot dog that he had roasted over the fire pit.

And this big ole pumpkin needed to rest; so I basically just watched from the sidelines while Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy took the kids around to the different Fall Festival attractions.

I can't believe it's November already! Never fear, there will still be pumpkiny activities in the future for us. . .


  1. Hairy hot dogs? Genius. I had to sit there a second and figure out how you did that :)

  2. That pumpkin pancake looks delicious! And kudos to the men for doing that for the kids when the helicopter couldn't make it.

  3. Oh, I want ghost toast and pumpkin pancakes!

  4. So creative and seriously so much fun!

    Also? I love the belly shot! Love!

  5. That's such a creative way to make Halloween special. I love the pumpkin pancake with the candy corn nose.

  6. You get a A+. All that effort made a great day for you children.

  7. Very cute food items for halloween. We had monster nuggets in puss (dinosaur chicken nuggets in a can of chicken and dumpling soup). Maybe I'll get my act together next year.


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