Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iphone Photo Phun - Mallrats

Taming Insanity
Well, I missed out on my Iphone Photo Phun post last week. Certainly it was a very busy week, but when I actually thought of it, I weighed my options of fishing out the phone cord, downloading the photos, and writing an legible post on my blog or I could go to bed. Sorry, peeps, the bed won. And the bed (or couch, or somewhat comfortable corner of the living room floor, or the kids' bed) continues to win out in many of the blogging vs. sleeping battles I've had lately.
Anyway. So there's a bunch of photos this week:
In Oregon, when you have three children screaming like banshees and racing up and down the stairs at breakneck speeds, you get a desperate need to take them to a park or playground. Only it's fall in Oregon, which means rain, rain, and more rain. So I take them to the mall for exercise. And while I'm waiting for the Spud to screech that he's done poopin' in the potty, I decide to take a preggo photo.
We like to start out our mornings with coffee and the newspaper.
We have to settle for wet leaves around here. We'll take what we can get!
Big jump for a kid with sensory integration disorder!
The Beast tests out one of many ridiculously awesome mustaches we purchased at the dollar store for Halloween fun.
The new winter hats at the Children's Place are to die for. Seriously, how cute are my three little raccoons? Like the frugal shopper I am, I am waiting for a good sale and may even pick up a tiny baby one for Little Sprout. :)
The kids are valiantly holding onto a giant Burmese python at a reptile show we went to at our local library. I am staying a respectable distance away, thank you very much.
The Beast is going to be a pirate for Halloween this year. He has no idea who Jack Sparrow is, but he sure loves this getup! Too bad he will be a short-haired pirate with an uber-fake mustache.
Hurray for the temporary Halloween store at the mall! We can go in every time and marvel at how shiny and fast-looking Lightning McQueen is. We can also hurry by the racks and racks of costumes that really ought to be reserved for the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

happy Iphone photo phun!


  1. So cute! And I really and truly think I need one of those hats for my son...way too cute.

  2. Pretty awesome McQueen!

    I liked the "coffee and paper" photo and caption! :)

  3. Holy cannoli are you cute! You make pregnancy look GOOD.

  4. Oh my your photos are pure adorable!

    The newspaper and coffee one? Swoon- love!

  5. Your kids are adorable. My son is going to be Jack Sparrow, too! Hooray for mustaches! Also, I'm so glad I have google plus now, because every time I take a picture on my phone, it automatically goes to a private album there. No more cords for me-yay!

    So many cute pictures!

  6. Okay -- the snake. wow.

  7. I officially want a fake mustache for myself. I mean, for my kids. ;)

  8. Okay, that photo of the kids holding the python is blowing my mind!

  9. The kids are adorable in their raccoon hats!
    And you!?

  10. Okay I LOVE those raccoon hats. But my 14-year-old son would kill me.


    Still, your kids (and you) are too adorable.
    Wet leaves, python, and poop.

    It's all good.



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