Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy October 31st!

Pumpkins have been carved. The Spud helped make a cute spider while the Beast insisted on carving his own "bat house." The Drama Queen drew out instructions for her pumpkin, and Daddy kindly did the carving for her.
Avast me hearties! These scalliwags had fun at the fall festival last night.
Our future veterinarian paused to pose before insisting that we make her a surgical mask to wear "in case she had to operate on her puppy."
Even Little Sprout got dressed up as the sweet little pumpkin she is! And her momma posed as a pumpkin smuggler.

The Beast's costume got double duty today since he got to wear it to preschool today! It's been a weekend of silly fun and family memories. Despite being homebound today due to the modified bed rest, I am doing my best to make it an exciting day for the kids. They are eating their lunch of ghost toast, carrot jack'o'lanterns, and hairy hotdogs now. . .

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  1. Hope you had a great day! Everyone looked so cute! :)

  2. OH my gosh your shirt makes me want to have just one more! Love all the costumes, so glad you linked up!!

  3. The pumpkin smuggler - love!!!


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