Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A BIG Thank You!

We celebrated the Beast's last day of school on Thursday. We celebrated six teachers that have the amazing capabilities to bring out the best in our children. The Beast helped me choose papers to make these notebooks for his teachers as end-of-the-year gifts.
We simply bought notebooks at the dollar store and covered them in coordinating scrapbook paper. (The Beast really liked the bright colors of these sock-monkey themed papers). I used a Sharpie to write each teacher's name in a fun font. (the heartbreaker font at was inspiration). Then we tied them up with white grosgrain ribbon bows and colorful pencils.

It seemed it was the least I could do for these incredible teachers. Those of you that knew the Beast before he was diagnosed and before he began this special education program would be able to testify how much progress and change has occurred in our little man over the year. I will forever be grateful to these people whose talents were used to help the Beast in ways that I, even as his mom, could not. It never seems enough to say thank you - but, a BIG thanks to all of his teachers. Mr. Scott, Teacher Jan, Teacher Bobby, Teacher Mary Jo, Teacher Chris, and Miss Maggy - we love you!

Beyond the teachers, the class itself was an incredible experience this year. My Beast finally has friends - ones that run up to him, grab him firmly by the hand, and proudly introduce him as "my friend David." Each child in the class has a special, fun personality, and I am looking forward to the playdates this summer with the Beast's favorite people. I have been able to develop amazing friendships with the parents of these special kids. One in particular has been such a blessing and wonderful friend throughout the school year. She has watched my kids when I was sick, picked up the Beast and taken him to school when I needed it, but most of all she loves my kids, especially my Davey.

So here I am at the end of the school year, trying to process my emotions about it all. The Beast comes over to me and initiates a long conversation about the baby, keeping eye contact with me the entire time. Summer break for him is actually quite short - just the month of June in fact - and he will be returning to his class in the beginning of July. Then Mr. Scott (his favorite teacher) calls. Budget cuts have been made, and a lot of reshuffling in the system has taken place. While David will still get to be with most of his teachers and classmates, unfortunately Mr. Scott is being moved to another class. I must admit, I cry when I hear the news. (I am sure preggo hormones are a part of that!) From the moment Davey and Mr. Scott met, they have had a special connection. Davey measures his days by "when's the next time I get to see Mr. Scott?" We have benefitted so much from Mr. Scott as parents - he even has come by our house to help us work out solutions to problems we were having with David at home. I don't know how to tell David that he will have a new teacher and that he will not be seeing Mr. Scott every week anymore.

However, I am trying hard to be grateful that he has so many good teachers and that he is able to continue in this fabulous program. I know that with that kind of help, our Beast's future is bright. I praise God every day that we get to be part of this community!

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  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Hey, I love that sock monkey paper, too! love you and see you soon, MOM


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