Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proof Positive

that the Drama Queen can be quite the little angel when special occasions call for it.
that the Beast is indeed as studly as his dad.
that no matter how many times he gets in trouble, the Spud can immediately pull out his squishy smile and be redeemed.
that is quite possible for all three to sit peacefully on the same couch together.

that I have an amazing, adorable, and absolutely perfect little family. At least for a day!
Hope you all had as fantastic an Easter as we did!


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Love you all--can't wait to see you--you look so pretty in your dress, Gabi! and the boys are quite handsome! Love, Grammy

  2. Look at those sweet little children! So adorable in their Easter outfits. :)


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