Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hey Rain

Rain, rain, rain, we wish you'd go away.
We haven't seen the sun shine on us for too many days!
We want to coast on the playground slide without soaking through our pants.
We want to get out in our yard and sing and play and dance.
We want to take a walk that doesn't require boots and a raincoat.
We want to live in a house, not a "castle" with a moat.

Still. . .
If all this rain causes our living room to be turned into a four-star restaurant run by the youngest chefs ever. . .
If we end up reading every book we own twice, acting out our favorite characters. . .
If we make hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and use the other marshmallows to make little men with pretzel sticks. . .
If we camp out on our bedroom floors and make cozy tents between the beds. . .

I guess all this rain isn't so bad after all.

1 comment:

  1. Love your poem! And you outlook is wonderful! Hope the rain has cleared up by now and you've gotten outside to enjoy some sunshine!


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