Monday, March 07, 2011

Grandmas Are Cool

What better way to start a snow day than to wake up and discover that Grandma has come over to spend the whole day! Breakfast tastes so much yummier when cuddled on Grandma's lap reading the current favorite, Amelia Bedelia. Movies and fun TV shows are watched, and many exciting games of Uno Moo and Candyland are played with great vigor. Magazines and McDonalds' breakfast are brought over to spoil Mommy. Even potty training is a lot more exciting when Grandma is there!

Best of all, Grandma stays through the evening so Mommy and Daddy can go out on a date. While Mommy and Daddy are enjoying Chang's Mongolian Grill, Grandma reads more books and gives everyone a wonderful bubble bath. She even lets all the kiddies camp out on the boys' room floor for a "sleepover."
Yeah, Grandmas are pretty cool. . .

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  1. Fun stuff! Grandmas are pretty cool indeed!


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