Friday, February 18, 2011

No Foyers

Yesterday, the Drama Queen was having quite the day. Her morning started off in epic crankiness, with tears over which cereal she should eat for breakfast and over which coat was appropriate to wear to school that day. I must admit that it was with great joy and relief when I dropped her off at her classroom. At last, I had some peace and quiet and certainly did not miss the whining! (well, until I went in to teach my junior high Spanish class, but that's another story...)

At noon, I waited patiently in the van for the Drama Queen to come out of school. Soon she appeared, dragging her Zhu Zhu Pets backpack behind her. One look at her face confirmed that her mood and attitude hadn't changed much since the morning. Her teacher came out to the van, but judging by the smile on her face, I assumed that my daughter had not been completely horrible that day.

"I just had to tell you," Miss Adrian said. "I told the kids to get ready to go out to the foyer to wait for their parents. Gabi immediately said that she couldn't go to the foyer today. I asked her why not and she replied, 'I can't go to the foyer because I'm a 'five-year', not a 'four-year.' Your daughter just cracks me up!"

The craziest thing about my daughter's sense of humor is that it is most often unintentional. She says and does the funniest things without realizing it and then usually asks with a pout, "What's so funny?"

I am glad that today was a much less dramatic morning for us. Perhaps the threats of "you'll go straight to bed after school if you don't fix the attitude" or the surprise treat of chocolate donuts for breakfast did the trick.

At any rate, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I've got to go pick up my "five-year" from school.

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