Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well here I am on this rainy Tuesday, having reached the age of 29 (for the first time).  The photo below shows me on a different birthday, 22 years ago.(I'm in the center)  Some things have not changed - being too busy eating a cupcake to look at the camera, for one. :)  But of course most things have changed.  You can't go on being a 7-year-old forever.  I wish my hair had stayed that blonde into my adulthood!
In the picture I am enjoying a cupcake at my 7th birthday party.  In my family, there were five kids, and my parents couldn't afford to give us each a birthday party every year. (not to mention that would be a whole lotta work!)  So we each got a party on our seventh and eleventh birthdays.  This was my first birthday party.  I remember how excited I was to have that special time just for me.  The theme of my party was Shirt Tails, some cartoon that I vaguely remember.  My mom had made cupcakes with "Happy Birthday Jeanette" spelled out in pink and orange candy letters.  
I still love birthdays now!  Turning a year older doesn't bother me a bit, and I love the idea of a special day just for me! :)  Of course, it's different now. My kiddies want to know where their presents are on MY birthday!  But Chris still tries to make it special, as we really value birthdays in this household.  We probably go way overboard, since we even celebrate half-birthdays as well.
No presents this year though - the financial squeeze has made sure of that!  But hubby has made me a cake with fudgy mousse frosting and will probably do the dishes, so that is present enough for me.  
Now if y'all need a shipping address or anything because you feel sorry for the girl who's turning 29 and not getting any presents, just let me know! :)  


  1. Okay send me your shipping address and I'll send you something you funny girl!

    Happy Birthday. I love how you say you are 29 for the first time. Bwahahahaha!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!


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