Monday, December 01, 2008

Exhaustion and General Goodies

I am rather amazed at myself that I actually have been able to take a shower, get dressed, and make the bed so far today.  We have had a very exhausting night with the Mikester.  He first woke up screaming at 1:00 am and has been up every half-hour or so since then.  Every bottle I've given him he has thrown up and so has continued to be hungry throughout the night.  Even Chris took a couple of turns with him during the night, and he had to get up extra early to get to work this morning.  So my other poor kiddies are still in their room, waiting for Mommy to come get them.  And I will . . . as soon as I feel human again.

I have no particular theme for today's post, so here are just a few random thoughts and updates:

1)  We put up and decorated our artificial tree on Friday.  Sorry, real tree people, but I am very allergic to the real thing!  I got some great pics of the kiddies decorating the tree and will devote another post to that when I have more time.

2)  I am so excited that I won one of the Christmas giveaways at 5 Minutes for Mom!  My daughter is going to love getting the Groovy Girls dolls for Christmas!  Check out this site for lots of great contests and giveaways and mommy talk here.

3)  Today is my last day to be 28.  I will be celebrating my first 29th birthday :) tomorrow.  Chris will be making the cake as I make all the other birthday cakes throughout the year.  Yum!

4)  We had our Thanksgiving #2 at the coast on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, and Gabi's Pilgrim hat cookies were a big hit.  The kiddies' great-grandparents have a big house, and David was driving us all crazy "disappearing" from time to time, shutting himself in the bathroom and other various places.  
So here are the pics of the Pilgrim hat cookies and the craft project Gabi made from the Reeses' cup wrappers.  Happy Monday all!


  1. I have those pilgrim hats in my Taste of Home cookbook. They look so good. Glad you all had fun. Make sure to get some rest today.

  2. Cute cookies!

    I wish I were only going on 29..;) On the other hand, I wouldn't be willing to repeat the last 8 years; it would be much too exhausting!


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