Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bury Me Momma!

Part of the Beast's "treatment" for autism is a 50 minute session with occupational therapist Sally Ann every week. She works with him on physical skills and fine motor skills, as well as coping with change and dealing with sensory issues. The Beast loves his Sally Ann and tries hard to please her. Sometimes, though, he needs a little more motivation to stay focused. This is when Sally Ann pulls out the "big reward" - being buried in the ball pit! Due to his sensory issues, he really enjoys being surrounded by certain things - water, for example - and the balls in the deep ball pit at therapy. If he does well, Sally Ann allows him to go into the pit while we bury him completely under the balls. (Personally I would never enjoy such a thing. The balls are freezing cold, and I hate being completely covered by anything!) This past week, I took a short video so you all can see how much my little man likes this reward! :)

It's the little joys that count!

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