Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eleven Months

Holy cow!  My baby girl is getting so close to turning one year old! 
 Of course, she tries to act like a one-year-old already.  Little Sprout is quite the skilled walker by now and is trying her hand (or feet, rather) at running.  She talks constantly - most of it still pretty unintelligible to the average adult, but the siblings seem to know what she's saying all the time.  She demands food constantly, with her current favorites being baked spaghetti, bacon, and pancakes. 
The girl has a crazy amount of energy!  She has a new-found fascination with balls and will pick them up, throw them, and then go pick them up again for hours.  I confess I do allow the other children to play "fetch" with her occasionally.  Hey, it wears her and the kids out too, and then the kids stop begging for a dog.  For at least a day, anyway. 
Little Sprout's middle name is Joy, and she truly is the joy of my life.  It's hard to be down when she is around!
Next time we'll be wishing you a sweet first birthday, baby girl!  


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