Friday, May 25, 2012

Potpourri of the Week #3

The Nerd went to a business conference this past week.  He left me with four kids and five cold rainy days.  This means trouble, in case you have never mixed kids and rainy weather.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law has helped (forced) me out of the house to alleviate some of the stir-craziness in the kids.  We have been quite busy and way off schedule.

Anyway.  So the bottom line is that I haven't done a whole lot of reading or googling or much of anything this week, really.  It's a shame because I just can't sleep with my man gone and I could have been really productive with that kind of time.  Oh well, laundry and dishes are done at least.  All kids are accounted for and have been bathed on a somewhat regular basis.  Little Sprout is practically sitting up on her own now and scooting around the room in a most disconcerting fashion.  It's been the perfect combination of busyness and lazyness.  Still, here are a few things worth mentioning:

1.  I have wasted time a-plenty on Pinterest for sure.  I am trying to figure out what to do for the Beast's teachers for their end-of-the-year gifts.  Here are some of my ideas.  Anyone want to shout out their favorite??  The Beast graduates from blended-preschool in a little over a week; therefore I need to get busy!

(photo from
2.  I did try making my own animal crackers this week.  I followed this recipe, and surprisingly, they taste quite a bit like the store-bought ones.  Only mine are a little softer, a little tastier, and they do not look like animals. I got a little carried away when adding the buttermilk and so was forced to double the recipe.  We have made stars and letters of the alphabet (mostly D's and 8's, don't ask); and there are still two large rounds of the dough waiting in the freezer.  I definitely recommend MommyZing's recipe.

3.  Would it surprise you to know that homemaking does not come naturally to me? (hahaha)  Despite that, I have embraced it as my calling in life.  A good portion of my blog reading is perusing other homemaking blogs in an effort to figure out their secrets and make it more enjoyable.  Passionate and Creative Homemaking put up an thought-provoking read on "Do You Ever Feel Guilty For Staying Home?"  Been there, done that - enough times that I ought to have a souvenir collection or something!

4.  A couple of weeks ago, the Nerd and I (and little tag-along Sprout) as well as the awesome in-laws went to a Tim Hawkins concert.  (or act? or show?  not sure what you call it when the guy does Christian comedy and sings hilarious parody songs too).  Super funny.  Super made-my-day.  I especially like the pretty pink tractor song.  Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Your photo should say "The Nerd and me"....not the "Nerd and I".......just saying

  2. Well, it's not being used in a sentence. If it were, the sentence would read "This is the Nerd and I." (nominative case needed for the predicate nominative.) Or perhaps the sentence would read "The Nerd and I are in charge around here." (nominative case needed for the subject of the sentence.) If I wanted it to say "Hey, look at the Nerd and me!", then I would use the objective case pronoun for the object of the preposition.
    Therefore, I feel that to use the caption "The Nerd and I" is completely appropriate. I am a bit of a grammar geek. :) Just saying.


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