Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Iphone Photo Phun - Goggles!

Taming Insanity
First off a big thanks to all of the encouraging comments on yesterday's post. :) It is certainly nice to not feel alone in this. I had a good cry last night and am doing much better today. It could be in part thanks to these adorable faces:
This is what happens when you get into Mommy's makeup and try on her mascara. Believe me, he wasn't smiling when I had to scrub the waterproof stuff off.
Quite by accident we discovered on a random trip to Home Depot that they were hosting a kids' workshop. Everyone got to wear giant goggles.
And we got to play with real hammers.
And we may or may not have had a little trouble paying attention to directions.
Still all three managed to build their own helicopter with minimal help from Mom and Dad, receiving special certificates and pins for their aprons. The Drama Queen has mad hammering skills - she can get a nail in straighter than I can!


  1. Oh 'lil cuties! Love!

  2. She can probably hammer better than me ;) Love all these, especially the mascara one (although i bet you didn't find it quite as amusing)

  3. I love the pics! Such cuties. Also, about your post yesterday...if you need to vent, you need to vent! I know it always makes me feel better...and you have a lot going on!


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