Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iphone Photo Phun - short and sweet

Taming Insanity
As I am a little late in jumping on the Iphone Photo Phun bandwagon this week (don't look at me like that - I am thirty weeks preggo and a bit busy!), I'll try to keep the captions for this week's photos short and sweet.
Little Miss 5 1/2 finished her first reading book yesterday - all 126 pages of it! She must have a pretty awesome teacher.
While these two did break a lamp and my favorite Coca Cola drinking glass today, there are moments of sweetness and love. They may be few, but they do exist.

I discovered this week that I have two chicken lovers in my house. As in, "Please Mom can I have another drumstick? I promise to eat all my vegetables too" while stuffing face with broccoli and corn.

Cutest dinner dates ever!

The kids got to spend some time at their great-grandparents this weekend. :)

Time to get some dinner on! Sorry kiddos, we've had chicken enough this week - looks like it's going to be savory sausage soup.


  1. Love chicken? How did you get them to do that???? My two older ones are so hit or miss on what they will eat! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. You must keep busy! My children don't really dig my chicken, but it is likely because I tend to overcook it a bit (I'm paranoid about making sure it is "done").

  3. Broccoli? Corn? I'm confused!

    Such great smiles!!!

  4. Wait...your kids eat VEGETABLES?! Wow. I am totally impressed. Mine think veggies are poisonous or something.

  5. Wow, a book of that length at 5.5 years old!?! Way to foster a love of reading!!

  6. Love your photos and your captions- love!

  7. What a great snap shot into your week! You have delicious kids - oh did that sound creepy? They are very adorable....


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