Thursday, August 04, 2011

Twenty-Two Weeks

The Baby: She is almost a foot long now - the length of a spaghetti squash. (incidentally a fact that sent my five-year-old into hysterics. Apparently the words spaghetti and squash together are one funny combination!) Little Sprout has tiny lips, eyelids, and eyebrows that are forming as well. According to the last ultrasound, she is measuring completely up to date in everything except head circumference. It's a week or so behind - meaning SMALL, and this momma would not mind a bit having a baby with a small head for once.

Me: I am feeling a lot more pregnant than I actually am - maybe it's the heat or crazy children constantly demanding my time. Obviously I changed my hair color again. It looks a little red in the picture, due to harsh, unforgiving bathroom lights - but it is really a deep chocolate brown. I love it, and it will probably stick around for a while. I think it will be an especially good color to have after the baby is born - easy upkeep and not so much root coverage needed. I also decided to grow out my bangs - yeah, that phase passed by pretty quickly. As always, when I work a week of VBS, I got a nasty cold. Ick - but my doctor approved Sudafed as necessary to help with the symptoms, especially at night so I can sleep.

The Siblings: The boys are starting to get a little impatient for Little Sprout's arrival. Reminders that she isn't coming until close to Christmas are not helping. Every day the Beast asks if he can help take care of the baby when she comes. So sweet. The Spud thinks we just have to drive to the airport to pick her up - a recent pick-up of the grandparents at the airport must have triggered that one.

The Plans: Nothing super new this week. I think we have settled on a name, although I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. :) We are going to wait until Little Sprout arrives to announce the name - it will be a fun surprise for everyone. It's going to drive my mother-in-law crazy, but hey, we all need a little fun here and there, right?

And just one week ago, my little nephew Callum Levi made his arrival safely into this world. My sister is now adjusting to life with two littles - haha she knows she can call me for advice or commiseration anytime. I am pretty excited about our growing family. When Little Sprout arrives, she will bring the total of grandchildren for my parents up to seventeen.

and that's about it for week 22...


  1. You are still looking great! I love the new hair color! And I'm with you about the bangs. I've been back and forth with mine for a while now.

    Glad everything is well with the babe.

  2. Cute hair! We kept Ben's name a secret until he was born, too.

  3. you should probably tell me the name..... ;) And I need to call you to discuss letters and children and life. :D


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