Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrating the Little Things

We like to make a big deal about little things around here. Everyone gets to have two birthday celebrations each year - once on their birthday and once on their half-birthday. Yesterday was our chance to make the Drama Queen feel special on her 5 1/2 years of life.

First, we went to a local penny carnival . Armed with twenty pennies each, the kids were excited to try their hand at a variety of games.
We exchanged our pennies for tickets and had a blast exploring the carnival. Tossing beanbags, "fishing" for candy, doing a candy walk, tossing rings onto bottles, and more awaited our somewhat rowdy crew. The Beast shut down after just a few games, but he was content to watch the others play. The Spud had a very hard time staying with Momma and waiting his turn in line. The Drama Queen had a great time - especially since a sweet friend was able to join us for our day of fun. With the girls' hard work, they were able to earn enough tickets to score a big candy treat for each kid at the end. The Drama Queen was convinced that the penny carnival was being held just for her. :)
and of course, all birthday celebrations MUST have cake. It's practically the law. The Drama Queen has changed her favorite color to pink and specifically asked me to make a Hello Kitty cake for this occasion. Even the cake inside was bright pink with a rich chocolaty filling.

It may take a little extra effort to celebrate half-birthdays as well as regular birthdays, but I hope that these will be special memories for the kids in years to come. And while they are so little, it is nice for them not to have to wait a WHOLE year before they can have a birthday again. :) What can I say - I'm just a kid at heart! (and I love any and all excuses for more cake!)

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