Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Twelve Weeks

Woohoo! I am officially at the end of my first trimester. :)

The Baby: Little Sprout is doing well with a heart rate of 166 beats a minute. Now the size of a lime, the little one is starting to make sucking movements with its mouth, and all of the reflexes are beginning to work. Little Sprout had a first photo session today. :)
I saw this picture and fell in love. Again. I am always amazed at how much love I have to give all the littles in my life.

Me: I am doing fantastic! Morning sickness is quickly fading out of the picture, and to be honest, I am breathing a big sigh of relief that the first trimester is over. I am trying not to worry over picking up big objects (i.e. The Beast) or doing more strenuous tasks. I am also trying to get to the gym at least three or four times a week, so as to justify the giant bowl of ice cream I had last night. Or the nachos I had at 1:00 in the morning a few days ago. Or. . . well, you get the picture.

Siblings: They still seem excited at the idea of a new little one entering our lives come Christmas time. I am thankful for a grandma who can come by and watch them so I can go to doctors' appointments without terrorizing the ob-gyn's office. The Beast asked me yesterday if he could talk to the baby. He rubbed my belly, saying, "Hi, baby!. You are so cute!" Then he looked up at me and said, "Your turn, Momma! Say hi to the french fries!" as he lifted up his shirt.

The Plans: Since it is officially garage sale season around here, I am on the lookout for a baby swing and/or bouncy seat for Little Sprout as well as some other necessary baby items. As soon as we find out the gender of Little Sprout, I will be piling up the clothes, blankets, bibs, etc. as well.

And that's it for this week. I am looking forward to moving into the second trimester! :)


  1. Okay, not sure how I missed the fact that you are pregnant, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (Actually I do know how ... busy with other stuff and not visiting blogs). :) Yay for being at the end of the first trimester! Oh, and you look fabulous!

  2. "hi to the french fries"...he cracks me up!


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