Saturday, June 11, 2011



Seven years ago I said "I do" to my Nerd.

Seven years ago I wore the biggest dress I had ever seen and felt like a princess.

Seven years ago I made the promise "til death do us part" and I meant it.

Seven years ago the Nerd and I set out on a cross-country road trip that doubled as our honeymoon. We started off our marriage by staying the night in various hotel rooms and sight-seeing along the way, buying silly little trinkets as souvenirs and taking pictures of everything.

Seven years ago I became an Oregonian by transplant.

And, in those seven years, we have:
*moved three times
*had three babies and conceived number four
*discovered our favorite TV shows to watch together
*discovered what shows we most certainly could NOT watch together and still live in relative marital bliss
*tried countless Chinese restaurants in search of the elusive "perfect" Asian food
*laughed together (many times at the Nerd's strange sense of humor)
*cried together (okay, I cried and he awkwardly patted me on the back and said I was beautiful)
*took separate vacations (well that's a story for another post!)

But most of all, we have learned that it's true - you DO fall in love more and more each year. The love between you is deeper, more committed, and more solid than before. That's not to say it wasn't hard-earned! We have also learned that marriage is indeed hard work, and if you don't "stay on the job", problems will crop up more quickly than you ever would have imagined.

Happy Seventh Anniversary, Babe! Apparently the traditional gifts for the big 7 are wool or copper, but I guess we'll do with dinner ordered in from Chevy's and a funny-but-slightly-ridiculous movie (after the kids are in bed of course). I love you more than chocolate cake and ice cream and think you're one incredibly sexy and wonderful husband! ;) Here's to at least seven more!

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  1. Awwww! That was so sweet. What a lovely tribute. Big time congratulations to the two of you. I hope you have a lifetime of everything wonderful.

    As a girl who is about to celebrate the big 25 with my wonderful husband, it sounds like you're doing it right. For us, keeping our sense of humor through all the madness has been one of our best marital aids.

    Here's to you and your husband and burgeoning family. Congratulations!


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