Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Chocolate and Scissors

Last week, with the help of several Hersheys Bliss chocolate eggs and a pair of sharp scissors, I decided to give myself a set of bangs. (The chocolate eggs were necessary to give me the guts to do it, because as we all know once you cut bangs, there is no return).

Voila! a true moment of temporary insanity. But I like 'em - as soon as I get used to having hair in my face again, that is. :)


  1. Very cute!

    I used to trim my bangs from time to time...which was always a mistake. Now it'd take more than a little bit of chocolate to get me to try that again...and it probably would come out just about as bad as it did when I was younger! ;)

  2. Looks great! My daughter had our hairdresser give her bangs about 6 months ago and she liked them for a while. Now she can't wait for them to grow back. :) I just trimmed my bangs last week. I'm being too cheap to go get my hair cut by a professional. Having a perm, you can't tell how badly I hacked them. :)

  3. Cute! I've been thinking about going back to bangs, too!


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