Friday, June 25, 2010

Found It Friday - First Edition

I told you all I had a meme in the works, and here it is! Let me introduce you to:
I am always inspired by the things around me. Sometimes those things inspire my artwork and shop merchandise, and other times they inspire my own home decor or sewing project. I want to share my inspiration with you on my "Found It! Fridays."
Here's how it works: I will give you the source of inspiration before each Friday. It may be a specific item, a photograph, a certain color, a celebrity, etc. Then you come up with 5 things that are inspired by the source. For example, the source of inspiration might be 'magenta." You may come up with a lovely photograph of the petunias growing in your hanging planter, a fantastic dress on sale at The Gap, your current favorite lipstick, and so on.
Each Friday you will be able to come here and link up with your Found It! Friday post.

Since today is the first edition of Found It! Friday, I'll just play all by my lonesome.

The source of inspiration today? This custom set of wall letters that I recently did for a customer:

As I painted all those colorful stripes and polka dots, I was reminded of the vibrant colors of the circus. Wouldn't it be fabulous to do a kids' room in a bright, fun circus theme?
1. These bright polka-dotted branches do look fantastic in a vase, as pictured, but I imagine them fastened all around the mirror of a vanity. (branches from janejoss)
2. I love prints and have several from different artists in my home. This whimsical circus ringmaster would be adorable on the walls of a kids' bedroom or playroom. (print from inventorysupply)
3. Brighten up the room with these bold circus wall graphics! You get to pick the color, but I personally love the glorious red. (wall graphics from ellynelly)
4. I just adore the simple pinwheels and cute elephant on this quilt. It can be hung on the wall, but I would rather see my kiddos snuggled under it reading a book. (quilt from bumblebeequilting)
5. The big finale for the room would definitely be this circus elephant chandelier! The details are amazing, from the tiny painted clowns to the party hats on the elephants. (chandelier from whimsicalcollections)

Hmmm. . . suddenly I'm craving some cotton candy and circus peanuts!

Next week's source of inspiration is: Summer Picnics

Hope to have some of you play along then!


  1. Cute, cute, cute meme idea! Looking forward to playing along next week... I'll be on the lookout for some Summer Picnic inspiration this week!

  2. Love it, Jeanette! Great idea for a meme!

  3. ooh I love this! can we get a facebook reminder though so I don't forget???


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