Monday, April 26, 2010

Been Blessed

A little over a week ago, I was suffering from a head cold that just kept getting worse and worse, resulting in ear pain and severe headaches. By that Sunday, hubby made me promise I would take myself into urgent care. It turns out I had a sinus infection compounded by severe allergies.

The next few days were full of taking antibiotics, Sudafed (I found it mildly amusing that I had to show my ID to get this one), my regular allergy medicine, and a new nasal spray. The first part of the week, I knew I was getting better but was still feeling sluggish and icky. To make it even more fun, hubby ended up working late every night, making me feel a bit like a single mom. There were perhaps some days when the kids never made it out of their pajamas. And maybe the TV was on a little bit more than usual. But we survived.

Then hubby mentioned a Linux conference that he really wanted to attend in Washington over the weekend. This would mean he would leave late Friday night and not be back until late Sunday night. Feeling a sudden burst of energy, I told him to go and have fun. Ha!

Before he went, however, we had the chance to have a date night and attend a Kutless concert in Portland. Sweet man bought me special earplugs that did not diminish the quality of the sound but lessened the volume tremendously. I guess I'm getting old. :) It was a huge blessing though to hear Kutless and their opening bands, Chasen and The Museum. The testimonies of the band members through their words and songs were amazing and truly touching. I still have many of the songs going through my mind and heart as I prepare for this day.

I ended up feeling so energetic this weekend that I completely decorated the dining room and also cleaned and organized and decorated the master bedroom, a feat not possible without the in-laws whisking the kids away to the zoo/Chucky Cheese for the day.

And last night our church had "Talent and Testimony" night; so I got to be blessed again, hearing how God has worked in the lives of my church family.

My point amid all this rambling about my week? I have been blessed! :)

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  1. "Count your many them one by one." It's one of my favorite songs.

    You forgot to mention you braved the 4-year-olds in Junior church as well, lol. What a bunch of cuties they are, but with SO much energy! Have a great week Jeanette :)


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