Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas and Food

It can be a very good thing to have a computer nerd for a husband. I can call him in desperation during that day if I'm having a computer issue, and he, with the calm of a brain surgeon, can direct me through the steps to curing my issue.

However, that same computer nerd may also suddenly decide that he is going to "fix" a lot of "problems" (only detectable to himself of course) and spend a great portion of the evening doing so. Then I sit down early Tuesday morning to put together all the wonderful pictures of my Yule Log cake along with a tutorial on how to make your own, only to find that the pictures are not accessible due to hubby's "fixing" of the problems.

Sigh. So the Yule Log post will have to wait until later. Until then, I would love to share some yummy Christmasy links with you:

A very well-illustrated post on making tiny delectable gingerbread houses to perch on the side of your mug of hot cocoa.

Some easy and very yummy brown sugar shortbread cookies.

A recipe for Coffee Toffee that makes a great gift (if you don't eat it all first!)

And finally, if you are thinking, "Forget the homemade! I'm going out and getting food instead", here is a very helpful chart in determining where you should go.

And now I'm going to have another spoonful of the extra frosting that I made for my Yule Log cake...

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