Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting the Gab in Gabi

A conversation that took place in a Shari's restroom last night:

Gabi:  "Mommy, the bathroom is full of shapes."

Mommy: "Yes, honey, I know. Hurry up please and get on the potty."

Gabi:  "I won't be able to sit on the potty.  It's an oval."

Mommy:  "I'm glad you can see it's an oval.  But you still need to use the potty.  Now hop on."

Gabi:  "But I wish it was an octagon, Mommy!"

Mommy: (losing some patience) "Just get on the potty, Gabi Sue!"

Gabi:  "Ok.  Mommy, the changing table is a rectangle."

Mommy:  "It certainly is.  Great job noticing your shapes, sweet pea."

Gabi:  "I wish we had rectangles at our house.  Don't you, Mommy?"

Mommy:  "What?  Oh, honey, we have lots of rectangles.  We even have a changing table that's a rectangle."

Gabi:  "No, Mom, don't be silly.  It's a circle!"

Mommy: (deciding to just be agreeable) "Ok.  It's a circle."

Much giggling followed, and then Gabi and I paraded past the other diners to get back to our table.  Naturally we stopped at each table to inform the people we didn't know that Gabi had indeed used the potty and had kept her panties dry.  

Do you think we named our daughter well?  :)  She gabs nonstop, and I'd love to say I have no idea where that chatterbox came from.  But I must admit it - she may be the spitting image of her daddy but her spirit is all Mommy.

Good job, Mommy!


  1. Oh that is just adorable. See, thats what I like about blogging- you get to write down everything your kids do and keep a record of it all. I wish I knew my shapes as well as gabi! LOL

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