Friday, November 14, 2008

"The Pit"

  Hey Happy Friday everyone!  You are all probably looking forward to fun and busy weekends.  The hubby and I also have a busy weekend planned, albeit I would not consider it fun.  Our plans include dropping the kids off at Grandma's tonight (okay, that is fun!) and then working through the night on cleaning and organizing what I have come to call "The Pit."  Kinder souls might refer to it as "the bedroom" but aside from the fact that there is a recognizable bed in the center of the room, that would actually be a misnomer.

I never planned on our bedroom becoming "The Pit."  Early in our marriage I figured that if any room in our house would become a disaster area, it would be the kids' room or the garage.  But somehow our bedroom, the place we get to be a couple and not just parents all the time, is appalling and chaotic.  Basically our room has become the dumping off point for all things without a home, and it is out of control.  Piles of paperwork, clothing, and STUFF abound.  I am tired of living in this state of chaos - to see it first thing in the morning when I wake up and then again when I go to bed.  I have tried to work on it during the day but three small kids do not really allow me any large chunk of time to get it done.  Beyond that, the task is so overwhelming that I don't even know where to begin.

So last night we wrote out a plan of attack.  We plan to stay up all night if necessary to "get 'er done."  The reason I am posting this is for accountability.  You see, we have made these plans before and then never got around to it.  Okay, we chickened out!  I am posting some pics so that you can see how truly awful this room is.  Chris probably would be mortified that I am doing this, but the pictures are necessary to shed light on the situation.  I am ashamed that I could allow a room in my house to look this way, as the rest of my home is generally neat and organized.  But there shall be change!

So don't judge us, readers, but root for us and hopefully within the next few days I will have new pics to post!

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  1. Go Jeanette, Go Jeanette, Go, Go, Go!!!!

    You can do it! Its soooo hard to keep organized with kiddos. What a great idea to farm out the kids, plan your attack and get to it.

    I can't wait to see the after pictures!!!


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