Saturday, November 22, 2008

"My Boobies Are Too Little!"

Today was planned as a "work-at-home" day and with the foggy cold weather it seemed the perfect plan.  But add two adults and three children who just wanted to play all day and the perfect plan was abandoned.

Instead, one rather large child (hubby Chris) and three small ones sprawled on the couch this morning with chocolate milk and waffles and watched the movie Curious George and two subsequent episodes of Little Einsteins.  I gulped down my coffee and waffle and headed to the salon to finally get my hair cut.  A couple of hours later, I was home with a MUCH lighter head of hair (which was actually styled) and ready for the day.  We then decided it was a much better day to spend shopping at the mall than working around the house.  No real logic there, but when it comes to malls, I don't need logic to be in favor of it!

Our shopping trip was as exciting as any other outing that involves the whole family.  Michael managed to lose 1 1/2 pairs of socks and go through two outfits via "pooplosions."  Gabi and I had several marathon runs to the "nearest" bathroom to avoid an accident.  And David came close to breaking several items in one store alone.  These are just some of the reasons I love family outings.  Anyway, we were getting ready to leave the mall when I noticed that Sears was having some really good sales.  In fact, they had their $32 bras on sale for $10 apiece.  Having had a baby recently and having been through the many changes that boobs go through, I NEEDED some new bras!  I started going through the racks, searching for the right size and design.  Gabi of course imitated me and began very seriously studying the bras on the next rack.  Then she ran to her daddy, looking like she was going to cry.  "Daddy!"  she wailed. "My boobies are too little for these!"  

Chris cracked up and had a hard time speaking.  I quickly reassured her that we were not getting her a bra - that she wouldn't need one until she was all grown up.  She was so relieved, although she was quick to inform me that she WAS a big girl and ALMOST grown up.  yep, all three years of her. :)

Sigh ... she can just take her time with this growing up thing.  Bra shopping is something I want to do with her in the VERY distant future.

Got to go check on the pumpkin mini muffins I'm making for Sunday School tomorrow. 

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  1. It seems like whenever I took both my kids to the store together Id inevitably lose one of them! I kidyou not! I finally got a stroller for two, then we'd head to Carls Jr in the mall and get frenchfries for the tray of the stroller. Only then was it safe for me to shop!

    I need to get a haircut too. I missed my appointment this past week and now Im going insane cause my hair is all over!


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