Saturday, July 02, 2005

Well, here I am!

Why is it that on a Saturday night in the midst of baking cupcakes for a Fourth of July celebration tomorrow I am suddenly compelled to sit down and channel my thoughts into a blog? Perhaps it is the overpowering smell of chocolate (with chocolate icing, naturally) or the inspiring sounds of brutal computer games coming from the living room.
Rather, I think it is because once again I am forced to sit down and wonder how my life got so crazy!
A few years back I kept an online journal on AOL to keep track of the insane activities in which my eighth grade students seemed to constantly get involved. Then last year I got married (who saw that coming?!) and moved to a new area. The eighth grade antics were out of my life - peace and normalcy at last! Right? No, I had to take up teaching again, this time to a rowdy class of fifth graders. Not too bad, I thought, until I discovered that ALL of my students were girls!
Now the school year has ended, and it is time for me to once again find that elusive "normal" life. As usual, God likes to insert His little surprises as well, and a month ago I found out I was pregnant! (no one saw that coming!!) So life, I have finally decided, will never be "normal", but will be deliciously unpredictable and crazy every day! Just like the cupcakes that I will be pulling out of the oven momentarily, life never turns out the same! (Hey, these are taller than the last batch!)
So - temporary insanity - that is what I choose to call MY LIFE.

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