Friday, August 12, 2011

Twenty-Three Weeks

the Baby: Our Little Sprout now weighs the same as a large mango (about one pound) and measures about a foot long. She really responds to music now and loves to dance with her momma. Her cochlea is fully formed so she can hear the noises all around her. She's probably getting ready for the noise level that comes with three older siblings.

Me: I am outgrowing some of my maternity clothes already. This is not a good sign. A whole set of contractions yesterday caused me to do the whole"lie down on my side and drink a lot of water" thing until they settled down. I guess I may have overdone it a little this week (hello, nature hike, cleaning spree, shopping trips, anyone?)

The Siblings: The Spud has taken to "tickling" his newest sibling - that is, poking Momma's belly button repeatedly and saying, "I tickle the baby, I tickle the baby." The Beast still has long talks with her every day. The Drama Queen always reminds us at family devotion time to pray for the baby and is constantly cautioning the boys to "be careful - Momma's got a baby in her tummy, you know."

The Plans: I purchased Little Sprout's first box of diapers this week - got a good deal using some coupons and a store sale. They look so tiny! I also planned out a list of DIY projects to complete before the arrival of Little Sprout. The name is definite now, and I enjoy talking to her and calling her by her name. (when no one else is around, of course. We aren't even telling the kids the name until she is born.)

At the same time I am planning for Little Sprout's eventual arrival, I am also planning the birthday celebration of my baby Spud. I spend some time looking at adorable tiny outfits for Little Sprout and then wonder how in the world my youngest (right now anyway) made it to age three already! It makes me a little sad - but hey, we are going to celebrate with the wiggliest, happiest monkey party ever!

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  1. You look great! I probably tell you that every time I stop by, but you do! :)


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