Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three Already

Oh my sweet little man, tomorrow you turn all of three years old. It seems that just in the past few weeks you have grown up so much. You are becoming quite the potty pro and such a helper to your momma. :) It has been so much joy to be your momma and to celebrate this special birthday with you this weekend.
You requested mac'n'cheese and hamburgers for your birthday dinner, but you were way too excited about your presents to eat a single bite. Apparently your brother and sister were pretty excited too!
I knew you would be getting plenty of cake the next day at your monkey party; so we decided on a cookie pizza for our family celebration. You probably poked at the frosting at least a dozen times before dinner, with the excuse that you "were just looking at your cool cake." Your brother beat you to blowing out the candles, but I wasn't about to let you miss your moment. I made your daddy relight them so you could do it yourself, and you did it in one glorious breath.
The wrapping paper excited you just as much as what was inside. It probably helped that your brother and sister kept chanting, "Open it! Open it!"
The pirate ship was a big hit - not only with you but with your brother and sister as well. I guess you'll have to learn how to share it. :)
And Grandma and Grandpa knew just what to get our growing little man - a big boy bike (in a Cars theme of course!)

And apparently we can never go wrong with Thomas. You immediately begged to have your new track sets put together so you could spend some time pushing your favorite trains around the tracks. You didn't even want to stop so you could go over to grandma and grandpa's house for a sleepover.

I guess I can't stop you from getting older. But amid all the grown-up things you are trying to do, I still see bits and pieces of my little boy, patiently playing with his trains or snuggling up with Momma to watch a favorite Veggie Tales.

I love you, Spud! Happy Happy birthday to you!

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