Friday, July 22, 2011

Twenty Weeks

The Baby: Our cute Little Sprout is now the length of a banana. She enjoys somersaulting, kicking her mother repeatedly in the same spot, and hiccuping.

The Belly: It's growing -what else is new? The Drama Queen tried to climb into my lap the other day and said, "I swear, Mom, your belly gets bigger every day." Thanks, kiddo. Momma's ultra-sensitive hormonal self really needed to hear that.

Me: I have been feeling as if I have been on a cruise ship all week, and not the fun Carnival ones. I constantly feel seasick, as if some strange little being is continually swimming in my insides. Oh wait, there is! Unfortunately the other offspring do not comprehend this fact and love to tackle Momma or insist that Momma carry them upstairs or emit foul-smelling stuff to really set off the nausea. I am thankful that we are not experiencing the heat wave that so many of you are right now. Temperatures are climbing, but I am hoping that they level off soon.

The Siblings: I asked the Spud what was in my tummy the other day, and he responded, "It's a boy, it's a girl, it's Superman!" Ha, funny fellow.

I am officially half-way! The mother-in-law and I went out last week to get Little Sprout some uber cute clothing and returned with a number of pink and gray leopard print numbers as well as her first denim jacket. A sweet friend brought a little infant seat and a pink bouncy seat by - so thoughtful! And, she found the most adorable outfits at a garage sale for Little Sprout. Plans are coming along. But, for now, I am eagerly looking forward to the arrival of little nephew , who is due very soon. Unfortunately his momma is experiencing a severe heat wave, so let's pray she gets to be in an air-conditioned hospital soon. :)


  1. You look beautiful! Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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  2. haha. kinda the end there, it took me a little while to realize you were talking about ME. Almost forgot I'm giving you a nephew lol. Well, didn't forget I was pregnant, just didn't click that he was your nephew. Ok, yes, I'm weird. :) :)


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