Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Week's Favorites

Today I am working on VBS puppet scripts as well as the next few months' curriculum for children's church, but in between the endless typing and the handfuls of dark chocolate raisinettes and the tall cold glasses of lemonade, I've given myself a "break" by catching up on some bloggy reading. Here are a few of my favs this week:

1) a new lunch idea for the kids. The Beast has really been interested in salad lately: so I may give this one a try.

2) a way to make those $2.50 flip flops from Old Navy look way cuter. I want to make these in blue.

3) Jess over at Naptime Diaries shares these sweet thoughts about her sixth anniversary with her man. So thankful for the reminders that true love is a lot more than hugs, kisses, and chocolates!

4) an adorable, chunky-thighed reminder that if we look for the good in life, we will find it

5) why missions and the incredible needs of others can make someone hate their carpet - a thought-provoking article by a favorite blogger of mine, Rachel from No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

And now I really must get back to work and pretend that the cheerful sunny outdoors are not calling my name. . .

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