Monday, July 25, 2011

Sewing Class

The Drama Queen has been so excited to have her friend over every day this summer. We have the blessing and privilege to "babysit" her each day.

Each morning, after the kids have done their chores, I have the girls sit down and do some school work to keep their brains sharp during the summer. The Drama Queen is working a lot on her reading and writing, while her friend J. needs more practice on her math skills.

However, one day last week, I decided to give them a break from all the "no, that's not the way you hold your pencil" and "sound it out and see if you can read it"'s to do a different kind of school instead. The girls got to learn some basic skills on the sewing machine!

They each chose some fabric from my stash and with some instruction did most of the sewing on these purses themselves:
(pretty impressive, eh? The Drama Queen's purse is of course the one with frogs and flip flops and jungle animals. J. went a much more girly route.)

Nothing matches that feeling you get when you make something yourself - and are successful at it! The Drama Queen has been taking her purse everywhere - the store, the park, and even to church (it's a perfect size to carry her Bible and offering money).

I guess home ec was a success! Maybe this week we will learn a baking or cooking lesson. They can feed all my pregnancy cravings!

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