Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eleven Weeks

The Baby: So the little one is now the whopping size of a fig! Because we all have figs lying around in our produce drawers that we can quickly retrieve and exclaim, oh, that size! Little Sprout's bones are hardening, and he/she is testing out legs and arms in tiny movements. The diaphragm is forming also; so bring on the hiccups! I haven't felt any movements yet and probably won't for at least a few more weeks.

Me: This week was tough for me! With practically everyone in the house getting the stomach flu but me, I spent a lot of time cleaning up barf and trying not to barf myself. It didn't really mesh well with the whole morning sickness thing. I am definitely not handling sugar very well and regret every time I have some ice cream or a candy bar. My new craving this week is avocados. I love them - hopefully the cost of such tasty treats will go down soon so I can have them more often.

The Belly: It's growing for sure. The Drama Queen wants to know why the baby is only the size of a fig but momma's belly is so much bigger than that. Ahem. I took a little trip on Saturday to Burlington Coat Factory and purchased a few maternity clothing items, most notably a beautiful sundress at a steal. :) A wonderful friend has passed along her collection of maternity clothing to me as well. I may as well give in. I know I will be a lot more comfortable and not as tempted to live in sweats.

The Siblings: The Beast thinks about little Sprout the most. We could be at the grocery store or at the library, and he will suddenly command me to lift up my shirt so he can "see" the baby. (No worries - no shirt-lifting in public here: I can usually say "The baby's cold and needs to stay covered" and he is satisfied with that.) The Drama Queen has come up with two names she likes for the baby (which she is sure is a girl!) - CeeCee and Angela. Daily, I am working with the Spud on not launching himself at my belly every day as if it were a landing pad.

The Plans: I have been thinking about names of course. The Nerd has not even stopped to consider names at all; so I've been keeping a girl's name list and boy's name list on my Iphone and adding to them when I hear a name I like. The girl's name list is a lot longer! I also started a project for little Sprout this week. It's fun to work on something for the baby.

We have a long road trip coming up soon; that combined with pregnancy ought to be interesting. Despite the morning sickness and exhaustion, I am still enjoying this journey of pregnancy though, especially as little Sprout will probably be our last. So, here's to twenty-nine weeks more of fun and wonderful memories!

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