Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not So Easy Peasy

It's not so easy to find time to blog when you are:

*wiping snot every five minutes - major allergies around here!

*still attempting to potty train the Beast

*dressing your boys in matching outfits because you can - and because you know one day they won't let you do it anymore

*shopping for the perfect Easter outfits for the kids. matching of course

*cleaning up a mess to turn around and clean up another mess, only to turn around and discover that the original mess is now on Version Two

*trying to accomplish housework with two not-so-subtle and not-so quiet shadows

*taking advantage of the sunshine that has FINALLY graced us with its presence

*working on Easter projects for the kids and not having the slightest idea what you are doing

*sneaking in a sloppy kiss here and a squishy hug there - because, like the matching outfits, those will not be around forever

*driving Hot Wheels and Thomas trains endlessly around the tracks and actually enjoying it

*listening to yet another knock-knock joke that makes no sense and offering up yet another rendition of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" at the top of your lungs

Yep, it's busy. Crazy busy, fun busy, I wouldn't-want-it-any-other-way busy. (Of course there is always time to play around with photos in Picnik!) ;) Gotta go pick up the girlie from school! Happy Tuesday, all!


  1. Love the matching outfits! I've got to get in all the matching I can now! (Won't have much longer, W is already wearing some of the size 6 shirts which is in a different section of the store than I shop for B in)....

  2. I hear ya! Yesterday, I like to never had got us packed to go out of town. So another point to add:
    * 2 boys that nap at different times
    Have a fabulous Easter celebrating that He is risen!


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