Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet My Night Owls

The Nerd and I have a little habit of "checking in" on the kids in their rooms one last time before we go to bed each night. Mostly it is so we can stand there and say, "Oh, aren't they so cute when they are sleeping?" or something to that effect. Often it is so we can transfer a heavy, snoring child from floor to bed, and occasionally it is to catch that last about-to-explode diaper.

A few nights ago, we called it a night at 11:30 pm and started to turn off lights, clean up, etc. The kids' rooms had been quiet for hours. The Nerd went down the hall to check on the boys. He opened the door and found both boys standing there, wide awake, and asking "can we have a drink pleeease?" It completely startled him, as he thought the boys were sound asleep in their beds. From my spot in the kitchen, I could hear the Spud chanting, "drink, drink, drink!"

I just cracked up even though I knew the next morning would be tough with such late-nighters! I wish i had taken a picture - two little guys, standing patiently at their bedroom door, grinning at Daddy and begging for a drink.

Of course we complied - who wouldn't?

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