Friday, May 07, 2010

Another BIG mess

Last Monday, I was pre-rinsing some stained clothing in my utility sink when I heard yelling from upstairs. I left the water running and ran upstairs to investigate and ultimately, referee. When I came back downstairs, I was shocked to see that my big sink had overflowed, flooding my laundry room and the downstairs (carpeted) hallway. It was a BIG mess, resulting in hours with a shop vac, lots of towels, three heated fans, and the replacement of the carpet pad.

A few days later, my charming little boys had been put into their room for "rest time." I was busy helping my daughter organize and decorate her room while routinely checking on the little monsters (which were in no way "resting."!) One time while sticking my head in to say "please be quiet" and "try to rest, guys!", I was horrified to discover that the boys had been in their diapers and had been spreading the contents on the walls, the carpet, their beds, their clothes, etc. It was a BIG mess, resulting in hours with a carpet cleaner, a LONG bath for the boys, lots of scrubbing, and throwing away a few toys.

The following week, I made the amateur mistake of thinking I could quickly run to the bathroom while the kids were playing in the living room. I came back to the living room to see that the Beast had found a tube of my yellow paint and had squirted it everywhere - the couch, the recliner, the carpet, his clothes, etc. It was a BIG mess, resulting in hours with a carpet cleaner, lots of scrubbing the leather couches, and painstakingly cleaning some electronic equipment.

The following day, I had the privilege to be kid-free! as I attended our annual Ladies' Conference. I gleaned so much from the conference that I am still sorting through it in my head and heart as I strive to make changes in my life for Him. One particular session, called "Blush", reminded me of yet another BIG mess in my life. Only this time, I hadn't taken care of this mess right away. Imagine if I had left those carpets to soak? Or if I had waited to clean the boys' artwork in their room? And yet, I had been ignoring my OWN mess in my life - that of television:
I knew that I watched an unhealthy amount of television each day, and what's worse was the fact that I was becoming desensitized to filthy language, inappropriate behavior, etc. That day I made a commitment to take a break from TV for one full week (my kids too!) and spend the week evaluating EVERY show I typically watch.
I am realizing more and more this week that almost ALL of the shows I watch are not appropriate. I am especially convicted by the number of reality tv shows that I watch. Here I am, being entertained by someone else's "real" life, when I could be helping or edifying someone in REAL life.

It's definitely going to be a journey, and not an easy one at that. But God's help and this scripture: "I will set no wicked thing before my eyes" (Psalm 101:3) will carry me through. It's time to clean up this BIG mess!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Sounds like someone needs a Starbucks! But I say "Amen" to the TV thing. I challenge anyone to find programs that are spirit-lifting or ones that you would be comfortable having Jesus sitting next to you while you are watching it.

  2. What is with your kids and the contents of their diapers? JK It makes for entertaining reading in your blog. I agree with the TV thing. Our son-in-law is awesome about not watching anything "bad" on tv and it has really challenged us to be more careful.


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