Monday, May 10, 2010


I am so blessed that these little rascals are the beings that made me a mom. Each one brings different challenges and adventures, but most of all, they give me unconditional love and lots of it!
The Spud loves kisses - don't be fooled by his expression in this photo!
Aww, the Drama Queen just told me how much she loves me. And her dog. Which she would love even more if it were a REAL dog, Momma!
(The Beast refused under any circumstance to pose for a picture with his momma. sigh. oh well!)
As usual, I was completely spoiled by my family and friends this Mother's Day weekend. Saturday night, the Nerd took me and some family out to Chevy's (my favorite Mexican restaurant ever!) and surprised me with a gift certificate to Dosha Salon and Spa. :) I can't wait to get pampered there. The kiddies picked out the card all by themselves - a Toy Story card that plays "You Got a Friend in Me", naturally. Of course, they have already hijacked the card and have been playing the song non-stop, much to the utter enjoyment of their mother, who loves hearing the same four lines of a song over and over again! (not)

My in-laws gave me some pretty goodies for my dining room - a tablecloth, candles, and a napkin holder all in my favorite blues and browns...
I was most blessed to be able to be in the house of God on Mother's Day. Walking into church together as a family, the children proudly clutching their Bibles and waving to the preacher, was my best Mother's Day gift! To see my children's Sunday School teachers loving on them was a joy to this momma's heart.
Oh, and The Nerd treating me to Thai food last night and then cleaning the house certainly did not go unnoticed!
I hope all of you had a lovely Mother's Day as well!


  1. Sounds wonderful! All of it!

    My husband had to work yesterday, but he did make dinner (mostly - I helped some). And he washed the dishes afterward while I rinsed and dried. All in all, it was a good day.

  2. Oh, gifties! So glad you had a nice mother's day!

  3. You look so cute with your hair like that. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day. You deserve it.


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