Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Beast

Hey little man! Today you are turning three, although you keep insisting to everyone that you are still two years old! Three seems so much older than two does. I watched you walking out of church yesterday, with your shirt tail hanging half-way out of your khakis and a determination to your step. You are growing up so fast!

I am so glad that you still come up to me and ask for a "snuggle". I know those days are numbered and I cherish each one. Between the two of us, we have invented every kind of hug there is, including your favorites, the "shark" hug and the "monster" hug.

You live in your own little world, my Beast! Sometimes you let me know what's going on in the head of yours by sharing wild stories and hilarious (although not always intended to be) comments. I don't know any other kid who admonishes himself to not touch the vacuum before he goes ahead and does it anyway.

We have a lot to learn together. Your personality is so much like mine, and I'm guessing that's why we clash so often. Know that Momma is trying to figure it out, sweet boy!

I love you so so much and look forward to this next year with you! First on our agenda - potty training! Come on, you know you can do it!

Now come on over and give me a "sausage" hug! (wait, gotta clean that blue yogurt off you first!)
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