Monday, April 05, 2010

Family Moments

The kiddies got Easter beach pails this year. :) We made a special trip to the Dollar Tree and stuffed the buckets full of coloring books, bubbles, Veggie Tales toothbrushes, army men, glow sticks, and more. I think we spent about a total of $8 per pail - totally worth it! :)
Drama Queen was super excited to put on her new twirly skirt and spin madly in circles. The rhinestone shirt and lime green leggings were purchased at Childrens Place, and the extravagantly large hairbow was made by a friend of mine. The skirt matches the ties I got for the boys - all three pieces were made by Savannah of Savannah Williamson.
The Beast in his new tie, amazingly not bothered by it at all. Poor Beast has a rather thick neck and struggles with tight necklines in shirts.
Couldn't help but snap a quick photo of this cutie strolling down the hallway. He is already quite the ladies' man!

The three little reasons that made me a mom. I just love those precious little faces!


  1. They do look cute!! I am so glad they all worked out for you:) Thanks for the link to my shop.

  2. Oh, and they look so adorable!


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