Monday, March 29, 2010

Pantry Thief

So. Our new home has a lovely double pantry right at the entrance to the kitchen. I say lovely because it has plenty of space for all my stockpiling tendencies and because it is so convenient while making meals.

However. Certain little rascals figured out very quickly how to get into this pantry and have located the snack shelf.

Which is why, when I went out to the kitchen the other day, I found this:

My little chipmunk loves him some cheese crackers! Even with his mouth full and the evidence scattered all over the floor, he still tried to appear innocent.

On the plus side, when he's all finished, it makes for a very clean kitchen floor! :) (just kidding)
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  1. Haha. How cute. I bet he tried to look innocent. Kids crack me up.


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