Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I had one of those days yesterday.

The boys broke my favorite lamp. The Drama Queen took 2 hours to clean up a ten-minute mess. Ungrateful children sat at my lunch table. The Beast ruined a painting I had done for a customer. I lost my favorite drawing pencil. The boys howled like Indians through their entire nap time, despite repeated visits from Momma. The rain poured down all day long.

When the Nerd finally came home that evening, three kids were chanting "We want Little Einsteins! We want Little Einsteins!" while my brain searched desperately for coherent thoughts on what to make for dinner.

And then he asked THE question: "How was your day?"

I burst into tears, unexpectedly but with some relief.

The Nerd, aka Superman, did not say another word. He quickly surveyed the remains of the broken lamp and the ruined painting and took action. He marched the kiddies into the living room, put on their favorite TV show, and admonished them to be quiet. Then he went out to the kitchen and began making dinner! After a satisfying dinner of sausage, pancakes, and fried potatoes, he cleaned up the dining room and kitchen while I herded the kiddies through their bathtime routines. I mentioned that I really needed a new drawing pencil to get some projects done that evening, and he encouraged me to go out and get one - and stay out for a little while and enjoy the solitude.

Yeah, he is definitely Superman in my book! I feel blessed, fortunate, thankful. . . and ready to have a much better day than yesterday!


  1. Oh goodness, I cried when I read this! Those early days with the little ones are so trying! But what brought the tears to my eyes was the picture of husband coming in and asking how the day went and the little wife bursting into tears. His patience and understanding afterward...what a perfect picture of our Heavenly Father lifting our burdens. You are blessed!

  2. You totally got me crying!!! Aren't those supermen amazing?!?!? I am so glad you have him!!!


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