Monday, February 01, 2010

Scooter Kids

When it comes to scooters. . .
we have the very calm and methodical one, who prefers to have you push him around than exert the energy himself;
we also have the exuberant and "Look at me Mommy, I can go up a hill" one who insists on doing it all by herself;
And then we have the neurotic and crazy one, not afraid of anything and (if the kid would actually talk!) shouting, "I am Spud! Hear me roar!"
Hooray for scooter weather in January! Oh, and happy February everyone...


  1. I love these pictures. I need to get Blaze one of those and in case you were wondering he would totally be hanging with Spud. He has no fear.

  2. I love how each kid is different...I have four that are just that way!

  3. My 3 are all different also! I especially notice a difference in my 2 boys. One is cautious and almost afraid to try new things. The other will jump in before thinking every time. But then he will turn around and be Mr. Shy around new people. Strange, huh?

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