Friday, August 07, 2009

Spud Takes His First Steps

Just a week before the little guy turns one, he decides it's time to try out some steps completely on his own.  No clinging to the couch or Momma's skirt!  Mr. Spud Muffin (thanks daddy-in-law!) bravely sets foot amidst a sea of toys and cheese crackers.  The video camera is not nearby, but thankfully Momma just happens to have her Nikon D60 close at hand.  And thus the following sequence of events is captured forever:

Apparently the cheese cracker crumbs were too much temptation, and he sits down after taking a few steps.

My life is now officially over.  With the Spud being able to walk, the levels of destruction and play intensity are sure to increase dramatically!

But for now, I beam with pride as I watch him take his first steps....


  1. melissa spirup11:08 AM

    That is so cute!

  2. Yes, yes they are. I can't believe how much destruction and mayhem a little lady can make! It's one of those "anything you can do I can do better" syndromes. ;)

    Love the pics, Jeanette! He's getting soooo big!

  3. Hooray for milestones!!

  4. YAY for walking babies!! He's adorable and gosh, you need a break already just thinking about having 3 kiddos ALLL at home and in to stuff! :-)

  5. New walkers are just the cutest to watch. But it sure doesn't take very long for them to turn that wobbly walk into a run! Fun times :)

  6. Daddy-in-law12:04 PM

    This child will begin running faster than any child in the history of running. Get your track shoes out, kiddo.


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