Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

Last night in our PeeWee Pirate Club meeting, I assigned the kids(ages 3-5) a special worksheet.  They were to draw smiles and frowns on the appropriate faces, add some fun yarn hair, and dictate to a helper what things make them happy and sad.  We have been really emphasizing in the last few weeks that even when you are sad, you can still have the joy of Jesus inside.

Well, here is what the Drama Queen produced:  

Apparently she felt that both of her faces should be smiling.  She was also the only one in the class to design her faces' hair in the "extreme windtunnel" look.  I know, I know, it's pure artistic genius!  Despite my absolute delight at her indifference to peer pressure (the rest of the class carefully laid out their yarn in nice stripes across the top of each head), I was even more tickled to read her list of things that make her happy:
1.  Mikey climbing on me - translation:  Every day near the end of naptime, I release the Spud into the living room to climb all over the kiddies on their nap mats to wake them up.  The Drama Queen cannot keep away the giggles when this occurs, even if she is a little cranky at first.
2.  Sharing with David - awww....except how often does this really happen?  Ha ha , kidding folks!  She is actually quite good at sharing and letting her little brother be involved in her play (well, most of the time!)
3.  Spaghettios - ahh comfort food!

so in thinking of things that make me happy:
1.  one adorkable hubby who spoils me, brags on me, and makes me feel like one hot mama, even when it's 5:00 pm and I haven't quite made it to the shower yet....
2.  three children exceeding all cuteness factors who daily amaze me with their brilliance and melt my heart with their "I love you Momma"s...
3.  reading my Bible (before the kiddies get up!) with a cup of steaming hot coffee
4.  crafting and all things arty
5.  Starbucks (is it bad to have coffee mentioned in two different lines?) haha
6.  food in general - I'm pretty easy, just feed me and I'm a happy girl!
7.  friends who stick by you in the tough times
8.  the colors yellow and robin's egg blue
9.  babies! (and no, there is not another "Frogster" on the horizon!)
10.  in-laws who love me and take the kiddies on a regular basis, even when the kiddies are acting like outlaws
11.  words - I love playing around with words, changing the order of the letters and scrambling them in my head...
12.  my church - guaranteed to see at least a dozen smiling faces and hear many more "Hey! How are you?"s before I ever reach the church nursery
13.  phone calls from people I don't hear from very often
14.  lovely comments on my blog that keep me encouraged to stick it out in this whole parenting thing and domestic control (hahaha)

Yikes, I guess I am one happy gal!  With so many reasons to be happy, it's hard not to smile!  No wonder the Drama Queen made both of her faces smiling. . . 

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